Meet Tracey at Can Do Tuition based in Addingham, West Yorkshire. We asked Tracey to tell us about herself and her business.


Where did you get the idea for your business? 

I had been working for a private tutoring company (teaching primary Maths/ English/ 11+ and secondary mathematics, up to GCSE Higher level) for about 7 years as well as working (almost) fulltime teaching mathematics in a secondary school. I decided to ‘quit the Rat Race’ and that I could easily run my own tutoring business from home, thereby ‘cutting out the middle man’ too (although, I do still work 1 day a week at the private tutoring company!).


What was your mission at the start? 

To provide tuition for the local 11+ High School Entrance Exams and all levels and abilities in Mathematics, including students with Special Education Needs/ Disabilities (SEND) and adult learners. Initially, I intended to work only from home (since I have a mini-classroom set up with access to a wide range of teaching and learning resources, including computer facilities), but during the last 12 months I have found more and more parents have asked me to go their homes, so I have now expanded my service and will travel to students’ homes, if necessary.


What is your background? 

When my daughter was diagnosed with a Learning Disability at 2 years old, I became interested in how children learn and the process of helping children learn. I qualified as a Management Accountant many years ago and worked for a private manufacturing company as an Assistant Accountant for 11 years, before deciding to (re)train as a teacher in 1998. I completed a PGCE (Primary) course at Bradford College and worked in several Primary schools (teaching all core and foundation subjects) before taking the leap in to Secondary schools, teaching mathematics. During the last 17 years, I have studied many Educational courses through the Open University, including completing a Masters Degree in Education and a Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education.



What services /products do you offer? 

One-to-One tuition in Mathematics (all ages and abilities up to GCSE Higher level), Primary Maths and English tuition and tuition for 11+ High School Entrance Exams. I am currently ‘brushing up’ on the current GCSE Science Curriculum, to enable me to provide tuition for the GCSE Combined Science exams.


How do you advertise your business and does this differ from how you advertise your products/services? 

I advertise with several local shops/ businesses as well as occasional advertising through magazines or specific advertising organisations (including Visualize Ltd and PuBlications Ltd).


What are your goals? 

To continue providing (affordable), friendly tuition to enable students to achieve their own goals and targets in life.


Do you work locally or nationally?

Locally – I have had some students travel up to 20 miles, but I tend to restrict my travelling to 10 miles.


What is unique about your business? 

My personal attention, on a 1-1 basis!


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